Knock Down Rebuild


Love your location, but dreaming of an upgrade?

As custom luxury builders, we understand that where you live is just as important as the home you live in. That’s why we offer you the best of both worlds. Let us give you the home you want, without saying goodbye to the lifestyle and community you love.


The great reno-rebuild debate


Knocking down your house can seem like a daunting decision – which is why many people choose to renovate.

However, renovating restricts you to your home’s existing floorplan. And we believe that ultimately, a rebuild will leave you with a superiorly designed home, along with many other potential benefits:

More sunlight: We can design your home to optimise its orientation to the sun, offering highly liveable spaces, inside and out.

Modern materials: Your new home will be built with the latest in contemporary construction materials. For you, this means superior safety and insulation – as well as environmental sustainability.

More cost-effective to run: We utilise the latest building techniques, thereby reducing your running and maintenance costs over the long term.

Greater financial certainty: Building from scratch offers greater certainty in the financial outlay, as opposed to the hidden costs often associated with renovating.

Attend our free
knockdown-rebuild seminar


We regularly run free, zero-obligation seminars to guide you through the
knockdown-rebuild process.

What we cover is:
• The pros and cons of renovating/extending and rebuilding
• Demolition: What to consider and how to prepare
• Site conditions such as planning zones, heritage listings, covenants and overlays
• How to leverage the character of your site and neighbourhood
• Energy-efficient homes for sustainable, cost-effective living.

You’ll also have the chance to receive advice on potential issues and opportunities specific to your locale.



Attend our Seminar