How COMDAIN HOMES uses natural timber in custom luxury home builds



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How COMDAIN HOMES uses natural timber in custom luxury home builds

Posted: 6 Apr, 2020
Auther: Craig Edwards

We love working with natural materials, particularly timber, but why is that? Here we’ll explain why we preference natural materials like timber over their often cheaper counterparts.

Natural materials like stone and timber are signature features of Comdain homes and our new Akasha display home located in Surrey Hills is no exception.


Timber is so versatile it can be used for beams, walls, flooring, panelling and decoration. Australian architects, including the Comdain Architectural Team preference working with timber as not only is it available in many varieties – hardwoods, softwoods, solid, veneers, laminates, recycled etc. – it has a unique quality that means every piece is different. It can be crafted into malleable shapes and sizes and its possibilities for use, structurally and decoratively are as endless as your imagination.

Despite a growing popularity of contemporary design, homeowners are consistently attracted to natural timbers. They can offer a patina of warmth and contrast to a minimalist, contemporary-style home or add a sensory, natural feeling and provide long-term durability.

Australian homeowners are weighting their preference towards homes and products that have the least effect on the environment, climate and where possible, offer sustainability: using responsibly sourced natural timbers reduces fossil fuel consumption.

In comparison to, say, aluminium or concrete, timber is renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. At Comdain Homes we actively encourage the pratice of specifying and using renewal timbers for house building. Wood even has insulation properties, acting as an acoustic and thermal barrier offering the opportunity to increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your heating or cooling demands. 

Studies have shown that we benefit from being around, near or inspired by nature in our homes: “science suggests we may seek out nature not only for our physical survival, but also because it’s good for our social and personal well-being.^

Along with improved well-being, custom designing and building a home with natural timber can add financial value, with data showing that homes with timber flooring often sell for more than money than those without. Visit the Belle Vue, our display home in Balwyn North and see for yourself how beautiful a well crafted timber floor looks.

So whether you select natural timbers for functionality, warmth of design, design accents, energy efficiency or sustainability, Comdain’s Architectural Team can help you plan your dream home with natural timbers to build the most inviting, comforting and warm home for you and your family. 

^ Source: Yes Magazine