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Dulux Colour Trends 2018

Posted: 7 Apr, 2020
Auther: Craig Edwards
The overarching theme for Dulux Colour Trends for 2018 is ‘Balance’, a collection of four globally inspired themes that celebrate the traditions of the past and innovations of the future.
The Kinship Colour Palette

The Kinship colour palette celebrates cultural heritage in a contemporary way. The combination of rich earthy tones, intermingled with neutral shades, give a colourful palette designed to fill you with warmth and positivity. Colours include warm terracotta, rich ochre, reddy browns, moss greens, dusky blues and neutral greys.

The Essential Colour Palette

The Essential colour palette reflects a minimalist style, paring life back to the basics and making colour and texture the hero. Essential’s calm and nurturing colour tones comprise soft warm shades of leather, cool green-greys, accented by blues and light terracotta.

The Escapade Colour Palette

The Escapade palette plugs into our desire for global travel, with a collection of saturated, bright summery colours – think tropical beaches and cocktails by the pool. With its cool mints, deep teals and powdery pinks, the Escapade palette exudes global travel, fun and adventure.

The Reflect Colour Palette

Slowing things down a little, classic form meets opulent style with the Reflect colour palette. The collection showcases rich colours, focussing on dark greens and blues, with a touch of burnt rose to create moody schemes.

There are some stunning colour combinations to consider – to see them all and read more head, to the Dulux Colour Forecast 2018.

If you’re feeling a little unsure and need some help with your colour scheme, part of our service to you as a valued Comdain client is meeting with our talented colour consultant to help you select a colour palette that suits your style.

Photos: Courtesy of Dulux. Photography: Lisa Cohen. Styling: Bree Leech.