Tips for designing a stunning luxury bathroom

If you’re building or rebuilding your dream home and you want to get the right look in your bathroom here are our tips for building a beautiful luxury bathroom with tiles.

They may get a bit forgotten, but bathrooms are some of the most heavily visited rooms in your home. Friends, family and visitors are all going to use your bathrooms, so getting their look and feel right is important.

A great place to start is with your tiles. They’re versatile and ideal for bathrooms because they’re:

  • Water resistant
  • Clean
  • Durable
  • Dust free
  • Able to be heated

What tiles to choose for a bathroom?

For a bathroom, we’d usually recommend a ceramic or porcelain tile. 

Ceramic tiles are non-porous and water resistant. They’re easy to clean and maintain, and come in a range of finishes from glossy to matte.

Porcelain tiles have all the benefits of ceramic tiles but are a bit harder-wearing. They are also available in a stone finishes, like granite and limestone.

Stone tiles are also a great choice but can be more porous and prone to water damage if not properly protected and maintained. 

Mosaic tiles like glass are also great in bathrooms but can be very slippery, so select mosaic tiles are more suitable for feature areas and walls rather than floors.

What can you do with tiles?

There are so many design options when you use tiles and here are some of our favourites:

Create a feature wall

Adding a feature wall to your bathroom with tiles creates texture and variety to your bathroom. It’s eye-catching and comment-worthy and helps highlight a specific area. And the limit is really your imagination when it comes to a style of feature wall.

Bathroom feature walls, like the one pictured below from our Camberwell Display Home, are a strong trend in custom builds and our clients receive a lot of positive feedback from their feature walls. But, keep it simple. If you create a feature wall, don’t overdo the bathroom with a feature bath, feature sink and feature accents. You don’t want to overload visitors!

Comdain Homes Camberwell Display Home Bathroom











Create a show-stopping floor

Here’s an incredible way to take your bathroom from bland to breath-taking. When it comes to floor space you have less square footage to cover (compared to walls), so here’s where you can let your imagination fly – if you want to have solid coloured walls with no feature wall, make the floor your feature.

Comdain Homes Balwyn North Display Home Ensuite Bathroom











Make a statement

Tiling doesn’t have to be 2D. Add some texture to your walls with sculptured tiles and be as bold and as brave as you want. Sculptured tiles add a contemporary effect with an endless variety of patterns, colours, shapes and materials. Below is an example of textured, sculpted tiles we’ve used in our Balwyn North display home.

Comdain Homes Balwyn North Bathroom











Stay warm

A heated bathroom floor is the ultimate in bathroom luxury and tiles are great because they already generate more heat than a stone material and they’re quicker and easier to heat as they’re much thinner with radiant, under-floor heating. A heated floor is very efficient – heat rises, so a warmed floor actually helps to warm the whole room, making your bathroom nice and cosy.

You can choose to warm the whole bathroom floor or feature areas, such as in front of a vanity mirror or around a bath. 

Comdain Homes Whittlesea Home Ensuite












So, when it comes to tiles there's an endless variety of options to build stunning bathrooms for your luxury custom build. If you need some help designing and building your bathroom Comdain Homes can help. Build your dream home with our Design team.


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