Quality carpet adds luxury and comfort to your home

Here at Comdain Homes we enjoy working with suppliers who share our vision of quality, style and luxury.

So having Carpets Galore Floorworld Thomastown supply the beautiful floor coverings in our Camberwell Display home was a compliment to the quality finish to the Urbane Forster.

Getting the right balance of floor coverings for your home is a personal choice, but following these simple rules can help.

Choosing what type of fabric your carpet is depends on where it’s going to be laid, how much foot traffic it will get and your budget.

  • Wool is a luxurious, durable natural fibre making it ideal for living areas. Wool carpets can feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer and they are naturally stain resistant, allowing spills to be cleaned up more easily. Wool is also flame retardant.
  • Nylon is the leading fibre used in carpet production due to its outstanding toughness and durability. Special treatments can be applied to minimise soiling and maximise colour clarity. Nylon carpets are best suited to high traffic areas.
  • Blend carpets are a combination of wool and nylon resulting in a carpet that can give you the benefits of both wool (luxury) and nylon (durability) at a lower price point.
  • Polyester is recycled synthetic fibre that offers excellent stain and fade resistance as well as performance and value for money.
  • Triexta carpet brings a new level of comfort to your floor with luxurious soft fibres, coupled with extraordinary stain and soil resistance. Triexta is durable, hard wearing and made from the latest technological advancement in ‘renewable’ carpet manufacturing.

Remember, it’s important to invest in a good quality underlay for your carpet. Underlay can make your carpet feel more luxurious and help your carpet last longer. It also acts as a layer of insulation, an important consideration in second floor installations.

Carpet adds visual warmth and comfort to your home and with Floorworld’s wide range of carpets, you’re sure to find the carpet that best suits your needs.


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Client Testimonial

“The highlight of building our home with Comdain was getting the keys! We open our front door and the house looks beautiful. It’s open and bright. It has a nice feeling. We love all the subtle details. It’s perfect.”

– John & Jacqui

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