Bring your wine cellar to your living space!

We are often asked to incorporate a wine cellar into our luxury home designs so here are a few tips on our approach to ensuring your wines are at their best when it’s time to enjoy a glass or two.

Wine doesn't favour heat, dampness or bright light, so the best place to store it is in a cool, dry, dark place, preferably in a cellar under the house. But not everyone has the space for the traditional cellar. Nowadays wine lovers are choosing to bring their cellars into their living spaces either next to the dining room or kitchen. And some choose to share this experience with family, friends and dinner guests when entertaining. Your modern cellar also adds character to your home by way of design and ease of selecting your favourite wine as needed.

When planning your modern wine cellar space we start by considering the amount of wine you want to store and the room temperature at which you store it at. Be sure to keep the temperature constant at about 12 to 16°C year-round. Maintain a moderately humid storage environment for wines under cork to prevent the cork from drying out and causing oxidation.

If your cellar is too warm, your wine will age quicker which results in loss of flavour and character. Wine doesn’t like bright light so make sure your cellar does have some darkness, either by window furnishings, tinted glass or dim lighting. The best way to store wine, particularly bottles sealed with a cork, is horizontally so the wine stays in contact with the cork.

We have researched and developed a number of unique wine storage products and cellar solutions to suit a range of needs, our architects and interior designers can provide a fully integrated custom solution based on some of the best knowledge from the wine cellar industry.


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